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have been saved as part of the building's patina. The vestibule is one of Sweden's most prominent space creations crowned by three uniform glass domes. Anders Fredriksén 45, architects, aIX Arkitekter, location, uppsala, Sweden, lead Architect. The Municipal Sustainability Centre will be housed in the east corner of the building. Flickrum investigates a more inclusive planning process for all. At the aula, the scene has been made accessible through a new platform and rebuilding of the scoreboard. A twelve-storey, residential-led mixed-use urban renewal scheme that reflects the diversity of Malmö. The lighting has been supplemented with new light sources or switched to modern ones in to increase lighting levels.

We see good chances of creating both pride and long-term interest in Juvelen by giving the building interesting public spaces and functions. Passenger transport will be able to access the piazza via Stationsgatan. Vill du veta mer kan du läsa här om vår cookie policy, vi använder cookies för att ge dig en bättre upplevelse av webbplatsen, klicka på knappen för att acceptera detta. The piazza level should be free for motor traffic, a public space for pedestrians and cyclists. Den gamla industrilokalen, lokaliserad på väderkvarnsgatan, ska under en period på två års tid omvandlas till ett hus med moderna kontor. Web:  Related Items design, modern Living, places To Visit.

Our realisation of the building will make the eco-technological solutions a natural and reinforcing component of the architectural expression we are aiming for, without detracting from the original design concept. Utopia Arkitekter practice from Stockholm has delivered the winning design for the new travel center in Uppsala (Sweden). A new fire-resistant wardrobe has been built to reduce fire stress. Juvelen will be an international showcase example of how to create a beautiful, architecturally interesting building with an emphatic sustainability profile. Tusentals Uppsalabor passerar byggnaden dagligen. But the place and the building demand more than that. As part of the Sustainability Centre or adjacent to it, a public zone will be created which can serve as a display area, both for current municipal sustainability projects and for local commercial players in the sustainability sphere. All in all, this means excellent prospects of building pride and generating interest in the building, the place and the region.