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the Norra Promenaden to the west until the first roundabout - follow the sign Industrilandskapet - follow Kungsgatan until you enter a square - at your right hand you will see the sign Linköpings Universitet. Mitt i staden och nära vattnet. Granne med campus hittar du också Visualiseringscenter C som bland annat har en avancerad domteater och framstående LiU-forskning om visualisering. Explore and discern trends and patterns (Statistics eXplorer).

Principal Research Engineer, ghazwan Al-Haji, senior Lecturer, claes Algström. Hon är nu ett steg närmare sin dröm. Se filmen om hennes historia. Finally publish the Story embedded as dynamic visualization Vislet in blogs. Inom hela Sörmland men framförallt i Eskilstuna råder det en stor efterfrågan på medicinska sekreterare de kommande åren. We examine, The Statistics eXplorer platforms conceptual approach to the authoring and publishing concept is based on three complementary activities: data uploading, storytelling and publishing. When creating the visual stories they have chosen national up to date statistics and use the multiple linked views to simultaneously investigate the content through: They have then produced educational texts in their own words and by the texts they have been able to point.

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Nära till Universitet Linköping, Campus Norrköping 5 minuter. We were close to a lot in Norrköping, and we had a good time. Välkommen till Campus Nyköping. Next to Campus Norrköping is also Visualization Center C, including a dome theatre and influential LiU research in the field of visualisation. A better understanding of how educators and students can exploit visualization and its associated science of perception and learning is the focus of this vise project in relation to the use of official statistical data. Ett mycket positivt besked för medborgarna i Sörmland då det innebär mer tid för vårdande personal att ta hand om patienterna. Se filmen om hans historia. The html code is then inserted into a blog or web page (see interactive Vislet below!). The bubble plot shows trends but, in contrast to the time graph, no details. The first vise results show that the Visual Storytelling can be effective for students and it is easy for them to understand and control the interactive tools.

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