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Michael Hörz. Those who offer more than one room or flat are obviously more likely to do so in order to make money. The price level of Airbnb offers in Berlin in relatively low in comparison with other cities. An Airbnb unit in Berlin costs on average 55 per night* *with minimum occupancy. According to the data that Airbnb makes publicly accessible, around 11 700 accommodation units are offered for rental in Berlin each day. The background images are under the Copyright of Geoportal Berlin, André Freitas ( m ) and the nasa Blue Marble Project.

Outside of the S-Bahn circle line (Ringbahn there are relatively few offers. The title especially is used to make offers stand out. Consequently, the average price is almost the same in all four cities. Look at the data This becomes more evident when we take a detailed look at Airbnb's power users in Berlin,.e. Examining which words are most frequently used in titles provides interesting insights. Look at the data Examining the number of flats which are supposedly offered by professional landlords yields mixed results. The two users whose flats are concentrated in Moabit (2) and on Bernauer Straße (4) range well below this average.3 and.4 kilometres respectively.