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called wienerbrød. Kids also get a kick out of the open-air museum, which lets them experience a storybook Danish village. Photo: Colourbox 'Cheap is a relative term when it comes to Scandinavia. Copenhagen: Lovers of Scandinavian design consider Copenhagen their ultimate mecca, the Designmuseum Danmark elevates stockholm ikea soffa sammet everyday items like chairs and gloves into works of art. That's if you're not too busy swimming, skating or sailing across. Stockholm, after our sister site, the Local Denmark claimed it was based in the better city. But there's far more. Stockholmers are better looking, if you're gasping at our nationalism or shallowness here, don't worry, this is a claim we can back up with data. Were better for business, photo: Tuala Hjarnø/Copenhagen Media Center, according to Forbes magazine, Denmark is the best country in the world for business.

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Stockholm is safer Sweden's capital was ranked the safest city in Europe in a recent global study for the Economist's Intelligence Unit, which looked pandora butik stockholm at factors including digital security, personal safety and crime, roads and transportation, life expectancy and healthcare. The Local Sweden are sure to disagree and they'll be posting their defence. But do you want to guess which city was named the most gay-friendly destination in the world by venerable travel guide Lonely Planet? A third of the city centre is made up of parks and green spaces and the water connecting the city's islands is said to be clean enough to drink. Lingonberry jam is another typical addition, providing a sweet zing to people's plates. . Photo: Ty Stange/Copenhagen Media Center. Visitors can go inside select rooms, such as the queen's salon and the king's study from bygone eras. You can even reach many of the islands with a regular bus ticket or SL (.

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