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There are many opportunities for students to keep fit or participate in sport. Mixing, studio Motion offers full analog and digital mixing options. There are a number of local sports clubs, which are generally organised on a volunteer basis and are not connected to Lund University. You can mix in the box with either Pro Tools or reaper. In Malmö and Helsingborg you can also find large open-air recreation areas and parks, as well as the sea!

Sports clubs, swimming and group exercise. More on student associations, stampus website. All of our campus locations have a number of jogging and cycling tracks and attractive parks where you can walk, run, bike or rest. We offer tons of instruments and amps.

You can also use one of Gerdahallens well-equipped gyms, one of which is exclusively for women. Whatever your mixing requirements, Studio Motion can fulfill and exceed all of your expectations. Welcome TO studio motion located IN malmÖ AND lund, sweden. North of Helsingborg, in the Kullaberg nature reserve, you can go hiking, rock climbing or diving. The student nations, student associations, local sports clubs and community stockholm linkoping tåg schema sport facilities offer a range of sport and exercise activities in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg.

Discounted prices are available for Lund University students. Högevallsbadet - indoor swimming pool, adventure bath, water slides, climbing and outdoor pool. Since 2017 we consists of 2 recording studios and offer fully analog and digital recordings (or hybrid). Recording, we are a recording studio in southern parts of Sweden. It is also possible to book an appointment with one of the physiotherapists or specialist coaches. We use high end gear. Viktoriastadion - information on the Lugi motion website (in Swedish student sports teams, many of the student nations and other student associations offer different kinds of sports teams, such as football and volleyball.